Business Cycle Survey/Conjuctuurenquete CuraÒ«ao 1st half 2012

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Business Cycle Survey/Conjuctuurenquete CuraÒ«ao 1st half 2012
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Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao
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Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao
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For further information: Central Bureau of Statistics, Curaao. Telephone: (5999) 4611.031; Fax: (5999) 4611.696; E-mail: for more statistical information. Please visit our website: Investment obstacles About 36 percent of the entrepreneurs have indicated that they experience investment obstacles, the highest percentage ever measured si nce the existence of business cycle survey in 2004. A year ago, June 2011, this was 28 percent. These obstacles are mainly due to a shortage of financial resources which increased from 16 percent in June 2011 to 22 percent last June. Also a poor market forecast and government policy have increased in this period from 10 and 7 to respectively 17 and 16 percent. Investment obstacles Curaao in %0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20Sh ort. fin res ou rc es po o r m a r k et fo recast expec t profitability inte r est l evel Ob t ain wor kper m it s g ov e r n m e nt pol i c y o the r o bs ta cl e s% companies juni 10 dec '10 juni 11 dec '11 juni 12 Confidence in the economy More than half of the busi nesses stated that their confidence in the economy decreased in June 2012. This percentage has increased from 42 in June 2011 to 55 percent last June. Appr oximately 3 percent of the interviewed businesses rated that the confidence in the economy improved over the past half year. Less companies consider no change towards their confidence in the economy. This percentage decreases to 42 percent (was 55 % a year ago ) Confidence in the future The percentage of enterprises with confidence in the future has dropped from 52 to 45 percent in June 2012. The number of companies which have no confidence in the future has increased from 20 to 29 percent. The companies that had no opinion remained almost at the same level (from 28% to 26%). Confidence in the future0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70de c 07 juni dec 0 8 j un i d ec 0 9 ju n i d e c 1 0 juni dec '11 juni 2012% companies yes no no opinion To t a l Opinion investment climate The opinions towards the investment climate are somewhat less positive. T he stated opinions with bad increased from 27 to 36 perc ent. Almost 9 percent of the companies have rated the investment climate as good. Last June 2011 this was almost the same; 10 percent. As usual most companies consider the investment climate to be moderate. This percentage decreased from 63 to 55 percent. Opinion investmentclimate0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70d ec 07 juni 'dec 08 j uni 'dec 0 9 juni dec '10 j un i d e c '1 1 juni 2012% companies good moderate bad Business operation results An important component of the economy is the expected profit for the year. The percentage of companies which expect a positive result decreased from 66 to almost 62 percent. This means a drop of the expected profit of almost 4 percent in a year. In accordance to this downfall, more companies, almost 38 percent, expect to make a loss in 2012.


Business Cycle Survey Curaao 1st half 2012 Some selected results Central Bureau of Statistics Fort Amsterdam z/n Curaao. Tel. (599 9) 4611 031 Fax (599 9) 4611 696 E-mail For further information: Central Bureau of Statistics, Curaao. Telephone: (5999) 4611.031; Fax: (5999) 4611.696; E-mail: Please visit our website: for more statistical information.