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 Statistical Yearbook Collection

This is the collection of all the Statistical Yearbooks that has been published by the Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao. 

The Statistical Yearbook offers a source of information about various topics (population, health, labor, foreign trade etc) regarding the social and economic situation of the islands of the Dutch Caribbean. Until the year 2010, the yearbook contained data from all the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. After the desolving of the Netherlands Antilles the yearbook consisted of only data of Curaçao. 

The last yearbook that has been published is of 2013. All tables that were available in the yearbook are now published on the website of CBS please follow this link: https://  https://www.cbs.cw/statistics On this page you can find the latest data of these topics.

‚ÄčThe collection consists of the years 1956 till 2013. Unfortunalty there are some editions missing in this collection and the editions from 1975 till 1980 were not published.