Central Bureau of Statistics started a collaborative project in December of 2016 with the library of the University of Curaçao, to digitize CBS publications using their scanners. The work was done by a number of UoC students.

The first step involved making a complete inventory of the collection. The digitization process was organized into phases, grouping the publications by their importance, with close to 80,000 pages to be scanned in total. Taking into account the availability of scanners, the project was split up into seven phases, with about 11,000 pages to be scanned per phase. The first of these started in December 2016, covering all publications in connection with the five censuses and part of the statistical yearbooks of the Netherlands Antilles of 1956-1969. Two phases have since been completed, with 210 publications scanned. Phase Three was started in October of this year. The project will continue until the end of 2018. For an overview of the phases and which publications are being digitalized per phase please click on this link.

Although the initial intention was to include only the historical collection of statistical publications, it was later decided to also add the more recent, previously digitized publications to the database, creating a complete historical view of the data, including data on the composition and development of the Curaçao population from 1938 to 2016. As the CBS used to collect data for all the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles until October 10, 2010, the digital library also includes historical series on the other islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St.-Eustatius and St.-Maarten), making this repository an excellent resource for researchers looking for data pertaining to these other islands.

By making the CBS Digital Library available online, the CBS hopes to reach a larger and broader public.

Highlights of the CBS’s Historical Collection

Censuses are extremely important sources of country-related data. That is why one important part of the digital library consists of publications pertaining to the censuses of 1960, 1971, 1981, 1992, 2001, and the most recent one of 2011. Census data is important for historical and social-science research purposes. Until recently, not all this data was accessible to the general public, because of its being stored in the library at Fort Amsterdam. With the digitization of this important collection of Census results, significant data has been made available for scientific research, policy development and other purposes. This development should be of great interest to local and international historians wishing to study the history of these islands, to the government, as a source of data on Curaçao’s past, to local and international scientific and public libraries, as well as to secondary and higher-education students.

This repository is being host by SobekCM. A digital library software system developed at the University of Florida by Mr. Mark Sullivan

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